MAV Third meeting of partners

MAV project partners met in Nicosia, Cyprus, September 18-19, 2018 to discuss the project progress and to refine project products. The meeting was productive and fruitful. IO1, the MAV Guide for trainers, will be refined and made more user-friendly with the inclusion of graphic elements, a color guiding system and short summaries for each chapter.

The MAV IO2 Adult learning toolkit was presented in a draft version. Partners agreed that the target group of this product will be trainers. This product will also be enriched with graphic elements and summaries. MAV IO3 Adult learning materials will clearly focus on migrant learners who wish to serve as volunteers for migrant integration.

An important decision during the meeting in Nicosia was the presentation on the MAV e-learning platform. This platform was presented by the Romanian partners during a Skype conference.

The Greek partner presented draft plans for IO3 and partners agreed upon essential learning content offered in this upcoming product.

Next steps will be the refinement of the first MAV products, the development of online learning modules and updates of communication and dissemination channels.

The next MAV partner meeting will be in London in February 2019.

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