Kickoff meetings

Transnational partner meeting in Naples
The first transnational partner meeting took place from 22 to 24 November 2017 at the Federico II University in Naples. During the meeting all work steps, the responsibilities of the project partners, the integration of the target group, the public relations work for the MAV-project as well as the internal administration and management were discussed.
Between November 2017 and April 2018 UNINA, as the lead partner, will conduct expert surveys regarding volunteering and migration with all project partners. The aim is to provide a manual with recommendations and guidelines for the development of educational and training material for volunteers, who accompany migrants during their integration in Europe.
Internal processes for quality assurance, evaluation of meetings, work processes and communication between the partners were also discussed.

Meeting of partners in Patras
On March 26th and 27th the MAV project partners met in Patras. The host was Dafni. The focus of the meeting was on the discussion of the “MAV Guide for Trainers”. This guide for teachers and tutors was developed under the guidance of Italian project partner UNIINA. It contains comprehensive information on the concept and methodology of MAV, the implementation of training sessions and practical advice. After some refinements and additions to the guidelines agreed upon by all partners in Patras, the document will now be translated into all partner languages.
In the second project step, which started in Patras, the “MAV Adult Learning Toolkit” is now being developed. The German partners are responsible as leading institution. With this product the trainers will receive methodical-didactic modules for use in adult education with volunteers. From autumn on, the development and testing of the actual teaching and learning content will follow in the third project section.
The next partner meeting will take place in Cyprus in September.

MAV Guide for Trainers
How to motivate adults interested in volunteering to work for and with migrants? How do you motivate migrants and refugees to attend a training program for a longer period of time? The MAV Guide for Trainers introduces the methodology and approach of MAV. For the development of the guideline experts were interviewed in all project countries. They all have been working for a long time in the areas of volunteering and integration of immigrants. In addition, successful examples of good practice from the areas of volunteering and integration were collected in all partner countries. These successful examples can be transferred to other countries and are presented in the appendix of the MAV Guide.

MAV Experts

All MAV partners have involved consulting experts in all partner countries. In total, 26 experts are contributing with their know-how in Germany, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Cyprus and Turkey. The experts come from different areas: on one hand, many years of experience in working with volunteers and, on the other, extensive experience in social work with migrants and refugees. There are also experts from the scientific-academic and political fields.

The international team of experts from MAV not only guarantees the quality of the products. The experts are also multipliers and decision-makers who disseminate the results of MAV and will use them in their daily work.

Interview to Prof. Marco Musella, Director of the Department of Political Science, University Federico II of Naples

Interview to Dr. Martin Kilgus, ifa Akademie (Stuttgart), coordinator of the MAV project

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