Multidimensional training of adult volunteers to foster migrants’ integration

Integration of migrants and refugees happens in the neighborhood where people live. Civil society plays a crucial role in the integration process of newly immigrated migrants. In addition to governmental and municipal integration activities, mentoring programmes and integration with the support of your own peer group are especially relevant.

The MAV projects supports and qualifies volunteers to serve as mentors for migrants supporting them in their professional and social integration. Successful volunteering needs qualification and training.

“MAV – Multidimensional training of adult volunteers to foster migrants’ integration” trains and motivates migrant volunteers and others acting as mentors for other migrants. Participants will assume a very active role during the program sharing their knowledge, experience, ideas and questions related to the topic.

MAV project products will be guidelines for trainers, an online training package for volunteers and tools for communication and motivation.

To promote the social integration of migrants, stakeholders such as professionals, trainers as well as policy makers in adult learning working with migrants will be involved. The MAV project aims to increase the progress of migrant and refugee inclusion, ensures the long-term interest of migrants in volunteering, promotes the sustainability of all project products and offers products suitable for all EU member states.